La Roca

Jul 3, 2023

The La Roca project has been one of ACER Espacios Naturales’ most ambitious projects in garden renovation. The collaboration with renowned landscape designer Chio Garrido (thegardenbychio) and Verónica Martin de Torres has been key in creating a completely new garden.

Our main objective was to create a more accessible green space with greater potential for people’s enjoyment. To achieve this, we began by carefully transplanting all the palm trees and plants that could be saved from the previous garden. Then, with the help of specialized machinery, we shaped the terrain to start from scratch. Next, we added accessibility features such as plate stairs and decorative gravel to facilitate access to the garden. We then planted a combination of Westringia fruticosa and Pittosporum tobira nana, which will give the garden a fresh and lively appearance.

La Roca

To complete the project, we built a viewpoint with a cantilevered bamboo wood platform, which will become a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the garden. Additionally, we added built-in planters and planted olive trees and trailing plants to add extra volume and beauty to the landscape.

la roca

In summary, the La Roca project has been a success in garden renovation and in creating more accessible and appealing green spaces. If you are interested in improving your garden or renovating your green space, do not hesitate to contact ACER Espacios Naturales, the leading company in gardening and landscaping.

At ACER Espacios Naturales, we not only strive to create beautiful gardens but also to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. We make an effort to use ecological and sustainable materials in all our gardening and landscaping projects.

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