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We are a company dedicated to the design, construction and maintenance of natural landscapes in different spaces.

We work together with you, first understanding your idea, and then offering you the most appropriate and efficient composition for your needs.

Your teammate,
Your partner

Our skilled team of leading professionals provide extensive knowledge and experience, delivering complete end to end solutions according to your ideas to ensure guaranteed satisfaction

We position ourselves as a natural company for developers, construction companies, public entities and individuals because we team up with our clients. We are a teammate, a partner, and we get involved with each project, taking care of everything from start to finish and solving all stages with professionalism, commitment and results.

At Acer Espacios Naturales we carry execute the work efficiently, solving unforeseen events and complying with the agreed deadlines and budget. And we do so with a clear focus on safety and sustainability.

Our landscape design, construction and maintenance processes are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified.

We are official contractor for Local and State Government.

We adhere to the European Green Deal and work with environmentally friendly technologies to participate in the pursuit of people’s wellbeing.

Acer Espacios Naturales, a Natural Company.

Ignacio Benthem

Ignacio Benthem Martín-Alonso (Málaga, 1965) is an Agricultural Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He is the engine that inspires and moves ACER Espacios Naturales, whose team is contagious with his enthusiasm for landscaping and the transformation of spaces into nature. When he doesn’t work, he sails. And he travels. And when he travels, he explores new ideas and challenges for ACER.

CEO Ignacio Benthem. Agriculture Engineer. Landscape designer

Our team

Undoubtedly, they are the foundations on which Acer Natural Spaces is built. What gives meaning to our day to day are the people who make up our team. People that join forces to make Acer a unique company.

Without their commitment, enthusiasm, passion and trust we would not be what we are.

We carry on learning together

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  • Technical Team
Xavi Altamirano
Technical Architect
Despite his youth, to his great experience in works and in relations with customers, a perfect control of budgets is added.
Victor Alcalde
Victor Alcalde
Responsible for the maintenance area
His objective is to help create more efficient and sustainable natural spaces through new technologies and digitization.
Sergio Camino
Sergio Camino
Responsible for the Administration department, he leads the team effectively. In addition to being a specialist in accounting and finance, thanks to its technological profile he is a key player in the digitalization of the company.
Raquel Flipo
Alma mater of the office. There is no management that she does not take care of. Always ready to help, she is an excellent partner.
Paco Jimenez
Paco Jiménez
Gardening technician
Acer's trajectory is linked to Paco's professional life as a gardening technician. A great connoisseur of the work, there is no difficulty that he does not anticipate and does not solve.
Mirella Navarro
Mirella Navarro
She meticulously controls invoices and delivery notes from suppliers, as well as work reports. Benjamin of the team, she walks with a firm foot with her teammates.
María Pardo
Landscape Architect
Her passion for urban landscape and green areas led her to study at L'Ecole d'Architecture et du paisage de Bordeaux and to collaborate in several research projects on public spaces.
Juan Diego
Juan Diego Bustos
Works and Irrigation
With more than 500 works behind him is another great pillar of Acer. He currently coordinates all the Higuerón teams, being responsible for the profound transformation of this great project.
Ignacio Benthem
Agronomist Engineer
Apasionado de la vida al aire libre, el trabajo de jefe de obra parece estar hecho a su medida. Gestiona las compras y la relación con los clientes.
Giannina Motta
Landscape Architect:
Tireless searcher of singularity, she brings to all projects the touch of originality that makes them unique.
Esther Páez
Landscape Architect
Architect from the University of Granada, she has training experience in landscape architecture and garden design. She is a tireless seeker of solutions for sustainability and urban regeneration.
Eduardo Martínez
Agronomist Engineer:
A great professional in landscaping, his restless spirit leads him to constantly seek new challenges.
Daniel Acedo
Vertical Gardens and Special Works
Imagine it and Dani executes it whatever the difficulty. A few words to define the professionalism of an impeccable worker, who never tires of striving for excellence in everything he does.
Christian Rios
Works and Irrigation
Coordinates all the works of Estepona, Sotogrande and Cádiz. With his more than 15 years of experience in gardening works, there is no difficulty that stops him.
Candela García Huber
Landscape Architect
Architect from the University of Malaga with an exquisite taste for photography and landscape. She is a restless researcher of ecological and environmentally friendly construction techniques.
Antonio Amaro
Antonio Amaro
Technical team coordinator
Professional of great prestige, his career has always been linked to landscaping. He has been responsible for the installation and maintenance of emblematic green areas in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. His job is to coordinate the technical team.
Ana Muñiz
Agronomist Engineer,
Coordinates quality assurance and company image.


Member of CISQ Federation

Our certifications

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 14001


EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011