Pepe Mena Square Vertical Garden

Location: Plaza de Pepe Mena, Málaga
Area: 75 m2
Year: 2022

Discover the beauty of Plaza de Pepe Mena in Málaga! We take pride in having executed an impressive vertical garden in one of the city’s most emblematic squares.

The vertical garden is not only stunning to look at, but it is also beneficial for the environment as it helps purify the air. The project alsohas a poem by Manuel Altolaguirre from Malaga engraved on a corten steel plate. This adds a romantic touch, creating a unique atmosphere.

If you’re in Málaga, don’t hesitate to visit Plaza de Pepe Mena to enjoy this beautiful vertical garden and plaza with poetry in corten steel.

Helecho de exterior, tradescantia, Helixine, Pennisetum

Características del entorno: Jardín vertical que aporta frescura y movimiento al centro histórico de Málaga