Location: Cerrado de Calderón, Málaga
Area: 20.000 m2
Year: 2023

This magnificent villa conceived by the Flow81 architecture studio, is located in a pine forest with an existing Mediterranean plant and large specimens. The objective has been to introduce nature into the home, whether vegetation or even bedrock. On the other hand, we wanted to make the plot useful by sporadically planting fruit trees and aromatic plants so that they make the walk through the mountains an experience. The villa has spectacular views over the bay of Malaga. The desired result is the naturalness of the plantations that are made and the surprise effect: The villa is hidden in the mountain and is only perceived when we are a few meters away from it.

Chamaerops humilis, lonicera japonica, Ficus bonsai, pinus halepensis, pinus pinea, Grevillea robusta, native shrub plant

Reforestation pine forest and eucalyptus forest. Very dry rocky area with native Mediterranean plants. The challenge of this project is to face the strong unevenness of the planting area, to spread the materials and introduce large-caliber tree units. Everything has to be done by hand and the rocky soil makes the work even more difficult..