Soul Marbella Sunset by AEDAS

Location: Alto de los Monteros, Marbella
Area: 11.000 m2
Year: 2023

This project consisted of renovating an already finished garden. After several meetings with the community of neighbours to clearly define their tastes and present them with a project to match, the action began by eliminating the floor units in poor condition. Immediately afterwards we planted numerous palm tree plantations of various species, among which we can highlight the Roystonea regia or Cuban royal palm. On the other hand, citrus trees and palm hearts were brought to give the garden a Mediterranean structure and finally we proceeded to plant Mediterranean shrub species with flowers to provide color and freshness to the development. The contribution of quality compost was a key element to obtain a result that lived up to expectations.

Washingtonia robusta, Roystonea regia, chamaerops humilis, lantana cámara, agapanthus africanus, Strelitzia augusta, Strelitzia reginae, pittosporum tobira nana

Luxury development located in Santa Clara, Marbella. It has beautiful views of Los Monteros beach and the location is ideal since it is between Malaga and Marbella.a.