What do we do?

The mission of ACER PROYECTOS Y OBRAS, S.L. is to add value to the client, employees and collaborators, incorporating innovation, technique and experience into the design and construction processes. Maximizing results, minimizing costs and mitigating risks


What do we want to be?

To be a reference company in construction operations in our sector and for our clients. Get recognized for our ability to innovate, give a different point of view based on our technical capabilities and the innovation of technological processes



  • Get customers to recognize our quality in the execution of their work, meeting the NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS OF CUSTOMERS with efficiency, productivity and commitment.

  • Achieve the ELIMINATION OF ERRORS IN THE EXECUTION OF OUR WORK, developing an effective control process for non-conformities -when they appear- that prevents their transfer to the client.

  • Carry out PERMANENT MONITORING of the results obtained through Quality and Environmental Management, for which we have delegated all the necessary authority to our Quality and Environmental Management Manager. This monitoring is the basis for achieving the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OF THE QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND THE PREVENTION OF POLLUTION.

  • Establish all the necessary mechanisms to prevent and minimize pollution and environmental impact in the development of our activities, IDENTIFYING AND EVALUATING ASPECTS THAT MAY HAVE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the environment, planning the necessary operational controls to guarantee responsible action from the beginning of each process and throughout its development.

  • Transparency and collaboration with subcontractors, suppliers, customers and the social environment.

  • Analysis and management of the training, motivation and preparation required by our staff to guarantee the necessary skills for each position, with the best guarantee of safety, in the appropriate time and manner.

  • Respect for the environment and prevention of pollution, personal injury and deterioration of the health of all interested parties.

  • COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF CUSTOMERS AND WITH THE APPLICABLE LEGISLATION IN QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH PREVENTION, as well as with all the requirements that the entity subscribes related to its environmental aspects and develop new working methods adapted to current regulations.

  • Implementation of the appropriate reference framework to establish and review the company’s objectives, ensuring that the policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all people who work for the organization or on its behalf.

  • Efficiency in process management and continuous improvement of the management system.

  • Ensure the safety of all employees working actively in the prevention of accidents, and convey our concern to the companies that work on our behalf.

  • Prevention of damage and deterioration of the health of all interested parties.

  • The RESPONSIBILITY of achieving the degree of Quality and Environmental Management and preventing and minimizing the contamination established in our system reaches ALL LEVELS AND ALL PERSONNEL of the company.

  • The management of the company assumes as an obligation of its responsibilities, the commitment to exercise leadership in the implementation and application of behaviors in accordance with the Quality and Environmental Management System of ACER PROYECTOS Y OBRAS, acting as a promoter, guide and example in the fulfillment of an obligation that concerns those of us who form our company.

  • To achieve Quality and Environmental Management, the MOTIVATION AND TRAINING OF STAFF is essential in their professional development and the strengthening of their teamwork attitude, granting them the necessary responsibilities and authority.

Approved by: Ignacio Benthem Martín-Alonso

Political Date: 13/01/2020